15 September


VIP Event

Opening Film

Meet the Star:

Gordon Lam 林家栋

19:00 – 21:50

Mad Fate (2022) 1H48

Mad Fate is a 2023 Hong Kong mystery thriller film directed by Cheang Pou-soi and produced by Johnnie To, Yau Nai-hoi and Elaine Chu, with Yau also co-writing the story and screenplay.

Director: Cheang Pou-soi

16 September


3 screenings

Film Lover Event

Meet the star:

Angela Yuen 袁灃林

Gordon Lam 林家栋

Bowie Lam 林保怡

14:00 – 15:58

Vital Signs (2022) 1H35

In one of his finest dramatic performances yet, Louis Koo stars as a veteran ambulanceman who simply wants to do his job without any interference from his boss. While he considers emigrating with his daughter, he clashes with his new partner, a young go-getter on the fast-track up the bureaucratic ladder. A mature directorial effort by Cheuk Wan-chi, this dramedy about Hong Kong’s civil service culture and the latest emigration wave is a charming, yet sobering love letter to her city and its people, especially those who still remain.

Director: Cheuk Wan-chi

16:30 – 18:46

Cyber Heist (2022) 1H51

A Cyber security engineer (Aaron Kwok) develops an Al program that could bring down the entire network with catastrophic effect. He must prevent it from falling into the wrong hands and causing irreversible disaster.

Director: Danny Wong

19:30 – 21:39

In Broad Daylight (2022) 1H46

Inspired by true events, Lawrence Kan’s film In Broad Daylight navigates social decay with hard-hitting candor. The film follows an ace investigative reporter named Kay (Jennifer Yu), who investigates alleged abuse in a care home by posing as a patient’s daughter. While Kay begins her investigation for selfish reasons, she soon grows attached to the patients and learns that telling the truth comes with a price. In Broad Daylight effectively conveys its heavy themes, especially through heartbreaking and raw performances from Rachel Leung

Director: Lawrence Kan

17 September


2 screenings

Film Lover Event

Meet the Star:

Ka Sing Fung 贾胜枫

Jack Ng 吴炜伦

14:00 – 15:55

Lost Love (2022) 1H35

Chan Tin Mei (Sammi Cheng) and Ho Bun (Alan Luk)’s son passes away abruptly at just three years old due to congenital heart disease. Suffering in unfathomable pain over the loss, Mei resists having another child. One day, Mei finds out that they can become a foster family.

Director: Ka Sing Fung

16:30- 19:08

A Guilty Conscience (2022) 2H15

In a moment of irresponsible negligence, barrister Adrian Lam indirectly sentences an innocent woman to prison over manslaughter. To right his wrong would mean going to war with the Chungs, the financial tycoon family who is responsible for the crime. Adrian must reflect on his mistakes and fearlessly overcome any challenges, if he is to uphold justice and punish the true culprit.

Director: Jack Ng